4399 chairman Cai Wensheng micro blog is the product of the times

Admin5 station network 29 May morning news, 2010 fifth years Chinese Internet webmaster held in Beijing, the annual theme of "self · change the practice of green cross growth". More than 2000 owners from around the country attended the meeting.

figure: 4399 chairman Cai Wensheng

is the following statement:

Cai Wensheng: 05 years, when I open the webmaster general assembly, invited Zhou Honghui spoke for the first time, after he finished, I’ll speak to you later, never behind Zhou Honghui in the speech, or you don’t have any chance, he can say that all the.

Tang Jun movie, is very tasteful, very high investment, this has nothing to do with our webmaster, Zhou Honghui also speak very well, he wants to do is to subvert the entire Internet industry, I think this is a bit close, but this is our webmaster second goals. First I want to tell you how to survive, webmaster, let oneself live, earn their own money. I believe this is the most interesting.

The first part of the

, said micro-blog, as Zhou Honghui said, micro-blog is beyond the times, where an important point here? Micro-blog has appeared 4 years to 5 years, but the reason why this year whether it is in the United States, or a sudden outbreak in Chinese, a concept is the core of the mobile Internet, is mobile phone. We know that a few years ago had a popular blog, blog was not broken out, because the blog is generally suitable for some special high culture is a long and minute statement, the people who can play. Second its interaction is not strong, second it can not copy to more grassroots. Micro-blog I think is to provide such a platform for such an opportunity. This is especially important for entrepreneurs.

we all know, I do two things, although I invested a lot of things, but at the beginning is not what I do. I opened micro-blog is to do a refinement, how to do it from 0 now, I was in April 15th to today is just the 45 day, wrote a lot of micro-blog, all my own knock out. I also went from 0 to now, you will say that Cai Wensheng is the lead, I do have a reputation in our circle. Sina micro-blog (http://s.t.sina.com.cn) inside, every day in the recommendation are very much. The problem is that you want to make a breakthrough, I found that I wrote almost 50 fans, to more than 20 thousand of the time, I will encounter a bottleneck, if I just IT just inside the circle, in the circle inside, my fans is difficult to have a big breakthrough. I called on GEM with webmaster, I in the process of writing, continue to guest, including the extension of the concept of entrepreneurship with some experience, including some of the summary I walked in front of the road, it slowly spread, of course there are many details, I mentioned in micro-blog.

more than a month, a lot of owners interested in micro-blog, but I found that a lot of people do not think it is of great value, more people are in it when the

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