Jingdong Dangdang account information streaking underground hacker industrial chain into a problem



data figure: the Internet suffered hacker attacks

Beijing, June 19, (IT channel Pan Da) recently, the Internet personal information leak and see "rise" trend, dangdang.com, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1 and a number of e-commerce sites was traced to the account information leakage caused by the user, respectively, different degrees of loss. At present, some of the electricity supplier on the user account security is not enough attention, once again aroused the concern of the industry, but also for the majority of online shopping users sounded the alarm.

The development of domestic

network security is not mature a lot of account information online streaking

recently, a number of users to reflect Jingdong mall account information was leaked, the account balance was stolen by others. According to the China television network reported that the Jingdong user account information disclosure is not an individual phenomenon, there are hundreds of public Jingdong account user name and password, balance and information integration in the QQ group, the reporter with a few information which are trying to login, the login is successful, all the information and the user can view.

dangdang.com, said users before the dangdang.com purchased 10 par value of $500 gift card stolen theft charge. In the user request to freeze the account in order to avoid losses, Dangdang customer service in the follow-up process did not freeze the account in time, causing users to suffer losses of about 1000 yuan. Previously, shop No. 1 users have claimed that they were stolen in the website account, goods refund transferred to others Alipay account.

in this regard, the industry believes that the current development of the domestic network security is not mature, the third party payment institutions and business customers retained a large number of data and information, because the application vulnerabilities, internal personnel management and other reasons, there are risks of theft of customer information. In addition, the most typical way is to steal account by consumers lured to a well-designed website, or click on the input information can obtain personal information, so the information leaked to the Internet users may have a great relationship.

hackers have formed an underground industry chain user security awareness needs to be improved

industry insiders believe that the hackers website information there are two cases, one is the hacker found a website server vulnerabilities, direct invasion; two is the planned acquisition, determine the target in advance, and then enter the company as long as the relevant work for a period of time, reserved for the back door in the system, then you can put the information stolen "go.

currently, hackers seek benefits through technology has formed a black underground industrial chain". According to "Morning News" the survey said, in some master gathered in the QQ group, there is often a "reward" to "move" to a database, with tens of thousands to tens of thousands. In fact, if the buyer is A, then this information has been B, C, D passed a few hands, and the need to get the information of the seller must go through E, F or even more transfer, and finally someone took over

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