Kun Peng Theory Ali 23 billion 800 million 2016 showed the amount of tax Tencent Baidu never silent

the two day Ali announced the amount of tax in 2016, Ali group and ant group annual tax 23 billion 800 million yuan, was worth praising the tax is a good example, the crowd spray injured all over the body, only a short while ago, Ma his adoring eyes can kill, give a great shout of approval, and now how onlookers treatment is so straight down.



, Ali why more and more money, Ma Yun is more popular


Kun Peng on speculation on this speculation.

first, the real economy is difficult, more difficult, L has no bottom, who is to say what is the inflection point of time.

and the real economy millions of jobs, no work to earn money, who should jump Aguirre, objectively speaking, the real economy is really Ma a person, a Taobao and Tmall down? Said rudely, he really did not have so much energy, 2015 Chinese social consumer goods the total retail sales of 300931 yuan, the online retail sales of 38773 yuan, accounting for 12.88%, which also contains the Jingdong and other electronic business platform data, although the annual growth rate of online retail is not small, but it has not reached the absolute dominance in the whole retail sales in step, so let the pan Ma back, really is a little too much for him.

however, there is a problem, to find an outlet to vent some of the people was ablaze with anger, or hold hold a strange event, and representatives of the real economy neatly suddenly pointing at Ali, can not find the target of the masses more refined and more on

, then rush on like a swarm of Hornets!

Hitler had a few famous ideas worth pondering:

"people are blind and stupid."

"I got everything through good at giving systematic guidance."

"the public is like a woman who makes me do whatever I want".

you may say, bah! Did you use all the words of Hitler as saying, well, our great Confucius also said:

"the people may make it impossible for them to know."

second, do not rule out the flames, Kun Peng theory has repeatedly mentioned in the article the navy navy, after the experience with many years of development, has become the most famous enterprise standard, using the navy is quite high, which also includes Ali, they uphold the purpose, Public clamor can melt metals., absolutely not defamation destroys a man "let any one take advantage of your disease, be your life chance, let you drown you with spittle, resembles a mouth, these words do not really leave.

is what pay attention to reincarnation, whatever your blessing to others on the crime, one day will fall on his head, Ma from the debut has to contend with words is famous in the industry, a good without the dirty war of words, once he called down to the number of the opponent wins the number of.

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