2011 Shanxi nternet webmaster conference live video

time: August 27th


location: Golden Port Hotel Taiyuan

organizer: Admin5 webmaster network Baidu Internet Entrepreneur Club

Association: phpwind network

network of Shanxi Tao Jin Old West Rock

A5 webmaster conference online studio address: http://s.admin5.com/zhibo

12:30-14:00 report live exchange

14:00-14:05 of Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Standing Committee of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Provincial Association for science and Technology Information Association Deputy Secretary General Wang Zhongyi speech

14:05-14:20 webmaster network founder Wang Wang keynote speech

14:20-14:30 famous Internet expert Liu Xingliang keynote speech

14:30-14:40 Baidu alliance business manager Yang Yahui keynote address: entrepreneur sustainable development solutions

14:40-14:50 sweepstakes Baidu Internet Club offers exquisite gifts

14:50-15:10 Shanxi rock network CEO Wang Chuntao: entrepreneurial experience sharing

15:10-15:20 PHPWIND keynote speech

            15:30-15:40 video Strategic Cooperation Department of Sohu senior manager of the keynote opening exciting vision – Sohu video open platform

15:40-16:20 roundtable discussion development opportunities and challenges of e-commerce (world merchants network CEO Wang Junlong, Shanxi businessman Liu Wenbin, CEO Pan Jun, founder of Shanxi easou cool network CEO Duan Xiaohui, the famous Wang Xiaobang


16:30-17:10 roundtable discussion on innovative models of local websites (CEO Zuo Yanqing, Jin Old West Shanxi News Network General Manager Chen Yu, Shanxi real estate portal CEO Li Xiaotong of Taiyuan, mother network founder Zhu Jian


17:30-17:40 draw

17:40-18:00 conference closing photo

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