The difference between BBS and blog from seven perspectives

BBS and blog of the difference between the 1, from the applicable scope: BBS is a lot of people come together to chat (like English corner), is a free exchange of public places; and the group is a group of type Blog to a common goal or vision together (like seminars) research and discussion the individual places, Blog is the personal network diary, with knowledge and ideology, Blog becomes knowledge management system easy to use. 2, from the network culture perspective: BBS is an open and free space, is facing a loose group, is to serve the public, it is in order to solve the lack of freedom of speech and the creation of opportunities for the people; and blog is a private good platform for the individual and small, with the common goal of the group is to serve individuals and small groups. With the popularity of the Internet, people’s freedom of speech has been greatly improved, and at this time highlights the individual talent, personality, the need to serve a specific object is becoming increasingly prominent, blog came into being. It is precisely because of the different ideas of the creation of BBS and blog, so they have their own living space and service objects, there is no substitute for who. 3, from the perspective of organizational forms: BBS by post and fixed according to the time order to organize post post (article), and the theme of the post (article) classification, but the classification of users can not change, only the moderator will have this permission level, although it is subject the way of classification. But in fact, this classification is optional for the user, the user is sometimes not according to this classification to the post. While blog in calendar, archiving, sorted by subject to the organization (post), and Blog users to the (post) classification, or private information hiding is not published. 4, from the communication point of view: BBS allows users to reply, but must be registered (by setting can also do not need to register), the user in a BBS to participate in the discussion after a period of time, it is very difficult to get used to post the (article); while the blog not registered can reply. At the same time it is discussed to write in their own Blog things or participate in other Blog, using a technology called TrackBack (TrackBack can allow users to comment on his Blog wrote on the site, and then to the original article published the Blog server to send the web URL and the title, part of the text, the site name and other information, through the in other Blog discussion) [3] can speak retained in their own Blog, the original article can find out all about the discussion on the network, the user can speak Land search and disposal. 5, from the content point of view shows: BBS open and free users can sometimes in the post without thinking, strong randomness, will cause more irrelevant information. The content of Blog is through the user’s thinking and careful screening;

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