Yang Fuhai how to monitor the marketing effect of Email marketing

yesterday I have written an article "how to e-mail marketing and promotion" article, at least I think is very detailed, because I am a novice, writing technique for far less than their predecessors, but I think it should be able to understand. Yesterday talked about how to e-mail marketing, today to talk about how to monitor the effectiveness of electronic marketing marketing.

I think, not just e-mail marketing, all other ways of marketing should have the measurement method of the marketing effect, so that we can remove some invalid, loss of the marketing activities, to maximize the profit is our. However, the measurement method of e-mail marketing is not the same as other marketing. So I finished "how to e-mail marketing and promotion", I think I should write this article.

first, let’s look at the mail delivery rate.

The total number of

mail delivery is the total number of messages sent by subtracting the number of returned messages received by our own mail. The total number of messages to be divided by the number of messages we send is the service rate of the message. Mail delivery rate reflects the proportion of Email we sent to the destination user. But whether or not to enter the user’s garbage box, whether the user read the mail we sent is unknown.

let’s take a look at the mail reading rate.

mail reading rate, mail reading rate is the number of users to open the mail and the number of successful Email we sent. But, how can we know whether the user opened this e-mail? As we all know, Email now supports HTML, so that we can cut a small number of pictures in the mail inside, as long as we monitor this a little picture of the visit, we can get the mail reading rate. Of course, there may be a number of users to open the Email, but because of this situation is less, we can ignore. But the situation has come out, the user really read our mail? Maybe the user opened a second and shut, and the user did not read nothing two. But so far, I really do not know how to monitor the length of the user’s reading time. If you have experience in this area, I hope exhibitions.

know the service rate of the message, reading rate, which is not enough, more important is the link inside the message click rate, or is the link in the email URL access.

every time we send an e-mail, we are more or less in the mail to add the link to our website, the only way to guide the user through the link to our website. But adding links also speak skills, correct method is in each link should add number ID send Email to us, only in this way can we know what is this link (or Na Tian) should send the Email way over to the user. For example, the Email we sent today can be written as follows

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