Eight website promotion channels to effectively improve the conversion rate

website promotion effect on product marketing, website promotion is allow all doubt, how to carry out the network marketing channels, which are specific? Rippling computer knowledge network summed up the eight marketing channels:

a, online advertising

we can see a lot of businesses and products on the major portals, of course, this is the need for a lot of financial support.

two, search engine optimization

this is a website that needs to be done and should be done, such as key words, etc.. At this point, the rippling computer knowledge network to do better, but also achieved remarkable results.

three, search engine advertising

Baidu and Google bidding, the two in the network promotion is a common channel.

four, email marketing

license e-mail marketing, users can send some promotional information, so that old customers visit the site.

five, blog topic marketing

to the product for the topic so that a number of blog users to write the article, the user perspective on the product experience marketing.

six, network media promotion

use network media reports to enhance the brand’s influence, increase the trust of products and websites.

seven, network advertising alliance

a lot of businesses will be in a number of online advertising alliance on the CPS advertising, CPS refers to the sales commission advertising costs, many personal Adsense on the site put their ads.

eight, website sales alliance

set up their own web site alliance, so that the majority of owners and businesses to join, according to sales commission fee, this form is also CPS.

if you can really put the above eight channels are used, so the product marketing of the final result will make you surprised.

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