20 thousand and 130 WeChat marketing case to see how the electricity supplier to do mobile marketing

case a, gold online – micro signal: cnfol-com

keyword: financial briefing

marketing: gold online saw financial news, check the market index. Every day to promote the selection of financial information, providing various types of investment services. Just send a stock name or code by WeChat, one second can query the stock market, easy, convenient traffic, practical.


case two, the United States living appliances – micro signal: mideace

keyword: one stop service

marketing: sales, customer service Goods are available in all varieties. beauty of life appliances through a custom menu, the user can choose the WeChat beauty products and understand the latest situation, such as the need to buy (pre-sale), you can choose to enter the mall to buy (sell). Can also be found through WeChat after-sales service, such as query service outlets, product brochures, product complaints, help and Q & A and other after-sales service. Greatly shorten the distance with customers, but also reduce the cost of communication between customers and enterprises.


case three: Vienna Hotel – micro signal: wyn88v


WeChat mobile

Fast Reservation

marketing: WeChat Vienna Hotel reservation system function is complete, open WeChat official website booking system and booking system. The Vienna Hotel WeChat platform, in addition to the direct hotel room booking, guests can also be integral, orders, the hotel offers information through this platform for WeChat search, after booking, mobile phone will receive a reservation notification information immediately, make a reservation more mobile and convenient way.


The case of

four, LaRochePosay, micro signal: larocheposay1975

mela-d white

keyword: O2O closed loop

marketing: this year 6-7 month, launched 50ML La Roche Posay soothing spray sample distribution. The event broke the previous sample distribution pattern, the use of WeChat services, optimize the distribution process, effectively enhance the consumer experience and access to customer information and feedback. Review: the case of the event will be online by the sample application and the line to the store to receive a smooth series, while the line of consumer information and return to the brand through the online database, realize O2O closed loop.


case five, where the network – micro signal: qunar-wang

keyword: Call Center micro channel customer service

marketing: in April this year, where to go hand in hand with the media network, based on the introduction of WeChat call

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