Lao Xie on the management of nternet reputation

Xie often received business inquiries, hope the old Xie can help them remove and suppress the negative news, if you look at the old Xie it is deserved, like long ago Sanlu, the old Xie certainly don’t help, if someone else is false, intended to damage the reputation of the enterprise, the old Xie can help some help. But the network management needs to strengthen the enterprise reputation.

any company and product will have a negative evaluation, you can not satisfy everyone, so the negative evaluation does not necessarily have to deal with. The crisis of Public Relations Department of enterprise network personnel should have the ability to judge what negative news and commentary have the ability and tendency of Xinghuoliaoyuan, according to these comments must act quickly, and published contact review, issued a clarification, or refute information.

Lao Xie found that some companies do promotion, do not have a public relations officer, which is very dangerous, but found that the network reputation crisis is likely to not be the first time to defuse the crisis. If it is really difficult to find a public relations staff, you can use the GOOGLEAlerts tool, the user in the Google Alerts set of keywords of interest, once the keyword appears on the network, Google will notify you. When you sign up for this service, type the keywords you want to monitor, usually the company name, the brand name, the boss’s name or your own name. Users can choose email notifications or RSS subscriptions, or choose to monitor blogs, videos, news, web pages, or all of them simultaneously. Although this is not a public relations officer is not a crisis of public relations, but there is a better than nothing, but more than a check process.

old Xie QQ466715240. what problems can ask Lao Xie, as long as there is time to thank Xie xie.

this is the original ADMIN5 in the original Xie, reproduced please specify: Thank you to promote enterprise.

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