How to quickly improve Alexa rankings

Alexa as an index to evaluate the site visits, it is industry attention. A website has a good Alexa ranking can bring a lot of resources and benefits. So many web site managers are eager to improve the site’s Alexa ranking, Alexa ranking is how to produce and how to improve it?. Here is how to improve the ranking of the site Alexa.

a stable update site will get a relatively high Alexa weight

Alexa will also focus on the stability and update of the site which involves a lot of aspects such as: domain name time server stability average stability and other factors. We must pay attention, this is not the ranking of the weight


do SEO friends all know, the first point: SEO stability update is the most important, the content is king, the quality for this is the reason, second: flow steady rise, that is to continue to promote in order to have a good effect! Here the flow stability is not every day you said 1IP is stable that is rising steadily increasing rate is in accordance with the K line growth, is the mathematics of the oblique line


Alexa through the development of the past few years and the continuous innovation of the algorithm technology, has been ranked for each site has its own set of algorithm program system.

two, improve the quality of the site chain

maybe some friends will ask this is not to increase PR, and some people will ask this is not doing SEO? In fact, this research with SEO somewhat similar, if you talk to a Alexa high ranking website links, the Alexa algorithm there will certainly have a mechanism to statistics from your visit in the chain, large and small, outside the chain of high quality together but also help to improve the webmaster Alexa ranking.

most often asked is: how much do you PR, but very few people ask: how much do you rank Alexa, how much of your Alexa included in the chain?.

three, the importance of the two domain name

a lot of webmaster is only to buy a space, and then everything is put into the inside, and some even in the folder directory. So this is also a large part of the Alexa Rankings can not rise. So I suggest that if possible with more than two domain names, and really no words to streamline the two catalog, it feels a bit like doing SEO optimization, the ranking is also good for improving weight Alexa! I temporarily set a specific name for the Alexa flow theory this is the name of my own invention, so we refer to, the concept of diversion theory is like a visitor visited and visited also visited the www>

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