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see a lot of people say it is difficult to promote, I think otherwise, why? Because I did a few financial websites, all are very successful. Whether it is from the PR or traffic, it is quite impressive, the author’s income can also be natural.

today, I also come to you to talk about my stand experience.

first, the site must have a good template.

this is very necessary, and the site should not change to change, so at the beginning of the time to prepare a good template. In order to adapt to the vast majority of people, template to clean, in short, let a person look like, do not have much beautiful.

secondly, the site must have good content.

The so-called

good content, is the site of the theme to bright, you don’t desire to make a like Sina portal, to choose what they are interested in doing a polymerization site, no original content must never mind, but each article with the theme of your site is very close, so you can get a good search access.

so, then we will talk about the promotion of the site!

website promotion means a lot, but many means are hard to live, I am a lazy, only recognized two types of promotion, is the search engine and web site.

search engine naturally do not have to say, the new station out, the above preparations are done, go to apply for search engines included, given the following mainstream search engine login address:




Biying: FORM=WSDD2





Youdao: >

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