Chicken spring festival marketing war resurgence count the few cases of most

Abstract: in this exam show marketing, have outstanding achievements, there are not satisfactory.

in the "million Jiaxi reunion, watching the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve", "Spring Festival" is like IP and the biggest focus. As a marketing dog, the monster’s circle of friends is divided into two factions. Part of the sun food, ridicule Tucao Spring Festival Gala; another part of the Spring Festival Evening advertising monitoring, or comment on the Spring Festival Evening advertising creativity.

in the past just in 2016, the Internet has spread such a sentence – so that the return to the essence of business. In the marketing industry, the marketing is "to recover the original simplicity". Although the new marketing ideas emerge in endlessly, but we are also increasingly aware that the traditional level of creativity and strong media, is still the most convenient and detonated the most effective channel. Perhaps this is the Focus Media Jiang said, "embrace change, not bet on the same".

Don’t bet on the wrong

for the Spring Festival Gala advertising, marketing dog earth demon engagement, not forget the time to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve, that of a serious, you count a few cases of the spring festival marketing occasion". The relative merits of each kind of soil, and analyzes a demon.

millet chicken soup: no longer born for fever, perhaps a good thing


many people in the industry believe that the decline in sales is due to the decline of the flag, is the biggest problem millet phone.

earth demon believes that compared to the decline in sales, high-end brand image, boutique hindered, millet phone is the most serious problem. Although a second user may not agree, but in a small city and the town, generally considered the high-end mobile phone, apple is still in the front row, even if Samsung is impaired because of explosion door front image, and HUAWEI OPPO. Millet want to change the stereotype, is still a difficult task.

fortunately millet in this year’s Spring Festival evening show on the TVC advertising to see a glimmer of hope. For fever, high cost, black technology, national brand…… Millet in the dictionary, the TVC chose to "black technology" as the core of the discourse system, frankly or something. Ceramics, full screen, minimalist, bright and so the words fully demonstrate the features and advantages of MIX millet in product design, material, appearance and other aspects; and the whole picture, with the mobile phone there is a vast and majestic background, and a small but also gives sufficient visual impact; in addition, millet style chicken soup naturally, no less — not a screen, but the door to the future world.

light TVC is just a small step in a long march, beautiful words who will say, millet mobile phone can reproduce the peak moment of glory, and test time.

Baidu finance the most love: children to help their parents financial, who said money hurt feelings


and millet in the CCTV Spring Festival evening show high high as >

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