51 com SNS and other well known website security flaws is linked to the horse

according to the 360 security center to malicious web monitoring data show that: in August 14th, the well-known SNS website 51.com suffered a "horse". 51.com yuan2345688 registered users on its homepage to share a "hang horse", due to the lack of corresponding site security scanning mechanism, which caused the collective 51 other users face the threat of attack by the "horse".

360 security engineer said, SNS interactive gives hackers "free to play" space, only after the registration of the use of social networks to "share" horse ", will be able to achieve the purpose of dissemination of Trojan horse, many SNS sites due to the lack of security scanning mechanism, it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of such security flaws. If users inadvertently turn posted malicious web pages, also become hackers accomplice objectively". In a large SNS site, a popular "sharing post" was posted, the number of visits are often more than tens of thousands of times, this kind of horse will make the user’s computer security is a serious challenge.


said: "the 360" firewall "intercept" hang a horse "page


360 security engineer further analysis, said the WEB2.0 community has become an important Trojan horse communication channel. In addition to the use of "sharing" malicious web pages, hackers will use CSS cascading style sheets are free to change the page, which directly in the SNS community website page add malicious code, as long as users browse the web page will be caught.

therefore, 360 security engineers to remind the user, do not click on strange links, and open the 360 security guards network firewall when browsing the web, it can effectively intercept the Trojan horse attack. In the knowledge that is linked to the horse ", but for some reason must navigate the situation, you can use the 360 security browser 3 version of" isolation mode ", the Trojan" isolation "up and not move.

report: August 14th was part of the website information hackers "hang a horse":

[Note: in order to prevent user clicks, the malicious web page has been specially processed. 360 security guards users open a web firewall, without these "hang a horse" "

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