Social networking site GitHub financing valuation or 800 million

Beijing on May 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, according to informed sources of well-known social networking site programming and code hosting site GitHub has been close with Anderson · Horowitz (Andreessen Horowitz) venture capital company reached a financing agreement, in the completion of the financing, GitHub valuation will reach 5-8 billion dollars.

GitHub on the Mac platform is a very famous social networking site, its main customers are large technology companies programmers. Recently, GitHub even became large company recruitment programmer platform, part of the company’s personnel manager has not only pay attention to the programmer’s resume, they want to see are the candidates presented in the GitHub profile.

at present, we do not know the specific amount of revenue or GitHub round of financing this year, but there is news that the valuation of GitHub after this round of financing is expected to reach $5-8.

since its launch in 2008, GitHub has accumulated more than 1 million 600 thousand registered users, Koorda code 2 million 800 thousand. Users can purchase $7 per month at the expense of personal code hosting services, and GitHub firewall with corporate product price is $5000 per month. It is reported that large technology companies in the purchase of GitHub services spending up to $1 million per year.

GitHub recently began to support including Windows 8, including the Windows platform, GitHub development team has 55 members, many of them in the use of Windows platform for development.

GitHub spokesman declined to comment on this.

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