The Chinese overseas nternet breakthrough here deflagration

recently, the "western world" "cruel happiness, brutal end (These violent delights have violent ends)", the domestic TV fans so I have to wait. While the other side of the ocean, many foreigners are in the online heat fire up called "I Shall Seal The on Heaven" novels, wake up every morning, looking forward to it soon "(meat already translated)" resources.

In fact,

, which makes many overseas fans, brother sister novels from Chinese yearn day and night, it is the starting point Chinese famous fantasy online network text "I want closure days", its author "ears" and "dragon" author "I eat tomatoes", in the eyes of foreigners, has almost become a "fire and ice the song" the author George Martin.


yes, Chinese net article in overseas "live out is not like fireworks", which will be the first "dragon" translated into English website wuxiaworld ( has entered the top 1000 ranking, the field has become the largest community, in March of this year, total more than 500 million hits, the readers from around the world more than and 100 countries and regions, North American readers accounted for 1/3 of the total, while in Novel the Updates navigation website provides Asian translations, from the starting point Chinese net the novel 150.

The original

in overseas Chinese circle of popular niche "spiritual food" is quickly used to look at the "Marvel" (Marvel) of the western world, like a China net paper fan said: "the correctness of western novels too much emphasis in line with the mainstream trend, no small Oriental said creativity." Chinese network text in the novel, more let a person have the most incisive carefree, so that some fans can’t wait, simply in the online translation, they even won the fans from overseas fund-raising, subtitle group "speed up the update posts.

, like Tanaka Xiuchen, a Japanese economist, said in the "AKB48’s skirt economy" that fans are producing and consuming themselves. So, this paper presents the ecological characteristics of Chinese network autonomy abroad, wall flower wall incense trend has been set, then, "The Belt and Road" policy can not only investment, construction output more overweight, China content of cultural characteristics, related to Internet game player become more foreigners "bread and butter and life in the air", which is really down to earth, a breakthrough.

how to create a wall outside the wall incense

you know, the form looks dull, but it is in the pan entertainment ecosystem, the bottom is the most original, corresponding to a large, most likely to spread the reading market, it contains more than other entertainment services market space, the value chain is very long. In addition, it is a gathering of human feelings, the world of life, more life, the lack of natural.

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