nternet poker very good very powerful

      two days ago, NetEase released a technology exclusive internet poker for nearly a hundred influential man, with 2 lakes known, the way the row seating, painted allegorical comic portrait printed on the card, very good, very powerful!

      this thematic planning release at the beginning I read, but not to vote, just fill in his name playing, but was looking forward to the release of results.

      influential man list of candidates is very comprehensive, that at first glance, feeling "well, people in the circle". But a careful look at, or some shortcomings: Although this special Chinese inventory Internet ten years the color of the characters, but not for the year some of the industry’s "martyrs" photo opportunity. But this is in line with this circle "of the original rules, Losers are always in the wrong." also shows the "China internet poker" meaning: the circle of respected hero in the past has no memory of the martyrs, if 10 years ago began to have the cards, some respected veterans are not so easy the forgotten.

      Internet arena is ultimately a scramble for show, this card becomes a status ranking list. By netizens selected 50 in veteran rookie, giant fish, Lawrence wilderness, full debut. Some of them are ideal rye, some budding 80, and capital trader, also have the arena achieve success and win recognition.

      frankly, some of the "circle" of the name I really looked a bit strange, if not the cards don’t know. So, although some pioneer missed the list, but some rookie could use this as the "adult ceremony", the official login arena Hall of fame — of course, some people will just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum as ten years ago, some of this idol, but these rookie can be thankful that he had just caught up with this milepost technology NetEase tree, have the honor to be considered between the giants, after a few years, the Internet to the "Avenue of stars" has seen "aftertaste……".

      Chinese Internet ten years. Have ten years of sword, NetEase technology to grind a poker, is unparalleled in the world:

      the characters do not on the cards, what unique ideas, but as Mr Techweb claimed: "the operation is more important than philosophy, the virgin rape one hundred times in psychology, as the real thing to do. No matter how many versions of the future after the game, the next version of which by the media release, seize the industry’s first NetEase technology, creating a starting point can not be copied. For some people, it may be the only one that is included in the present

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