Marketing actual combat how will you spend 10 thousand per month

users in the paidai forum posts, to successfully organize as follows, I hope to help you (thanks to various paidai replies, including: users buy tea, jasmine knight, a cunning, xuhaiping63, Coffee8, Hepeng, also taking history, leaves of Confucianism, Zhang Tianyi, peppermint water, stars, Maomao etc. thank you, welcome you to choose), we provide the service construction of e-commerce website for you:

users ask: "10 thousand monthly promotion fee, how would you spend?"

recently saw a lot about the promotion posts, wealthy companies would not have said, are hundreds of thousands of millions of pounds, but for small and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sized websites, limited funds, will not take too much money to advertise, if you have 10 thousand monthly promotion budget, how would you spend, how to put this 10 thousand yuan the best marketing expenses, please each one airs his own views.

example: 1, BAIDU price of 2000 yuan

2, HAO123 $4000

3, forum post (outsourcing) 1000 yuan

4, website promotion cooperation of 1000 yuan

5, the industry website advertising for 2000 yuan

industry can be more familiar with the industry website as an imaginary, can also use their website as an object.

user 1:

1 looking for gunmen or editing 8000

2 Baidu keyword 2000

user 2:

sell tea cup website 2000

good 123 2000

industry website advertising 2000 yuan

BAIDU 1000+2000 (sub period, plus the amount of reflection)

website promotional activities 1000 yuan

SEO:10000 first month overruns

forum posting and other

user 3:

looking to sell tea cup website cooperation is a good idea.


user 4:

4000: please SEO Commissioner to work for the company

6000:4 employees, 1500 per person, do network soft

user 5:

Why don’t

high grade gift GG GG users are highly educated with what people are using

user 6:

do you use in the search engine’s money so little effect? I each moonlight cast Baidu’s more than 30 thousand, one thousand

21 days.>

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