On the website promotion way to be creative

from the SNS site and micro-blog began to become more popular, many owners have begun to change the form of promotion. From the initial rely on the forum, blog promotion, to promote the optimization of Baidu search engine, we use the form of promotion is constantly changing and innovative.

in the forum prosperous era, whether the webmaster remember the day and night of each big forum, registered numerous vest, hot spot and seize Title charm, make the forum layers high, promotion effect is very prominent. But when faced with the moderator to delete posts, can only be helpless a smile. In the search engine’s hegemony (although it can also be said to be the dominate, but Facebook with the traffic data in Google, told the webmaster) remember to website optimization with brains, every day in looking for Links, do everything possible to increase the site outside of the chain number, not for a moment forget to see the site collected snapshot and time.

has now entered the era of Web2.0, SNS, and micro-blog is also a necessary condition for website promotion, promotion form we also changed. The accumulation of friends and the number of fans has become the key to promotion, so everyone in the original, false original some interesting log, funny piece, so as to achieve the purpose of friends and attract fans. At the same time you can also take the initiative to take the initiative to add friends and fans, as long as the right way is not a problem. There are a large number of friends and fans, to promote your website is not what is difficult, but still need to pay attention to promotion, not too stiff, want to let friends and fans think you publish things that are valuable, most willing to let them more for your web site communication media, so as to achieve the promotion effect.

but as the site promotion, we can’t wait for what the fire, along with everyone’s action to action, to learn to innovation, not only the website needs innovation, promotion work also needs innovation, even micro innovation, is an important step towards success. To promote the form of innovation, dare to try to find a suitable method for their own promotion. Many people ask me how to do the promotion of innovation form, this problem is actually very stupid, if I told you still call innovation? But can still through the general method to find innovative ideas, micro-blog marketing first Du Zijian, why he can become the first person, the fundamental is to accept the new concept, the courage to try to push new.

such as "self promotion" this concept is a relatively new concept, which is a new form of promotion by I burn nets provided to the user, which is similar to a Facebook advertising system, users can freely in I burn nets advertising, these ads will be displayed on the page. The sidebar, is unique in that, I burn nets advertising does not need to have any money, but the use of user integral and Bo coins. Currently in the internal testing phase, will soon be released on the line. When you get to know this information, you should start with the research to find out what kind of Web site I burn

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