Why do you fight social marketing also do not like Durex

Social marketing of Durex’s

doing so well, you desperately want to learn, then what kind of results is not two, you always can’t become a brand Durex! Where is the problem? First ask you a question: do you have money? Do you know Durex a year marketing expenses is?

as an advertising dog,

is often asked a question,

"I want to make Durex like that, can you?"

I’m speechless.

: you admire Durex to do good, but no reason analysis.

because the condom itself,

can extend the scope of content marketing is very large,

and it’s interesting and highly attractive to users.

love, emotion, gender.

is always the topic of the headlines.

so people can always go on marketing content.

any brand, do content marketing, must be based on their own products,

you say your products are sanitary napkins, snacks, sports shoes.

you can’t do emotional content every day, right?

you can only talk about the girl’s attention to the big aunt,

chowhound how cute,

how to fitness is more scientific.

is also very good quality marketing, but not attractive ah! No explosion point ah!

it’s hard to fire.

so other brands do content marketing, how should we do?

first, to be rich,

you know Durex marketing costs a year is?

you don’t think people on micro-blog P two pictures,

people still have a lot of promotional costs.

if there is no money, at least someone,

to do the work of social marketing is very large.

if neither is

also asked how to rise powder,

I suggest you go to the top left corner.

myth is not,

just you and I are not immortal.

brand said people, the official V sell meng.

in the inherent impression,


brand is always holding the shelf superior,

once you get rid of this setting. With the tone of the people to communicate with friends,

more advanced points, and even sell Meng sell base, must be able to attract attention.

example: @ Haier


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