Web site promotion method summary

1 submitted to the web site search engine, the site to have the actual content, only to submit a new registration of international domain names, search engines will not ignore you;

2 and other site links (especially those sites PR value higher than you), let your station can be seen everywhere, photographed by search engines on high, the chance of a


3 hype, so that your site name and URL in a lot of BBS and articles, so that your click rate rose, ranking is likely to rise;

4 web page source file add the appropriate keyword, let the network search robot is very easy to search you, in this link to the Baidu keyword to find the add popular keywords, keyword note: not too much;

5 to find a search tool, search your site name, or search your forum, so that your station name was repeatedly submitted;

6 update site to strengthen, manufacturing events, let people mention you in other places, many websites to see your site better than him, will automatically add you as a link, but they do not have to you with his link, because of you than their cattle;

7 is recommended to use the HTML page to generate the article news system, sometimes very difficult to search the dynamic;

8 if you have money, you can buy the major search engine ranking keywords, this is generally a few thousand dollars a year, do not recommend the use of personal users;


9: most search engines now add sites need to manual validation, so it is best not to resort to deceit, strength is fundamental to the success of

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