University Examination Network on suspicion of infringement of college students suddenly closed grou


website alleged infringement of intellectual property rights, the founder of fear of lawsuits off, Changzhou police arrested by

Fei Xingwei

yesterday, the Bell Tower District Public Security Bureau held a news conference in Changzhou, informed the Bureau cracked the case of suspected infringement of intellectual property rights of a test site. The case of the protagonist is a postgraduate failed student Zhang, he founded the "University Examination Network" to buy chicken eggs ", by uploading other more well-known training institutions of postgraduate video, sold to the membership of the website for profit. Money is a good profit, half got ten, but at the end of last year, he realized that his behavior has been illegal, in the end of March this year, the sudden closure of the site, the result has attracted scourge, caused the collective rights of members.

the case by the Changzhou police attention to after the day before Zhang arrest, the case is still under further investigation.

correspondent Fei Xingwei

Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Bin

spend 158 yuan can download information, the results of the site suddenly shut down

college students around the group found cheated after activist

at the end of March this year, a company called "the university examination website suddenly closed, the result has angered many pay to become a member but can not enjoy the corresponding services of postgraduate students. She is a University of Chongqing students, because students strongly recommend, to prepare for the postgraduate exam in his mid March login "university examination network, through online banking to pay 158 yuan to become the site of VIP membership, enjoy a package of services. I feel very good, website, study English, mathematics, political subjects students training video are very good, are well-known training institutions and video materials, feel the value of money.

but only after ten days of good times don’t last long, the time, the site suddenly issued a notice, generally content due to force majeure, the university examination network will be closed, please before March 30, 2012, you will be in the University Examination Network registered user name to customer service QQ mail, we will refund the further processing of the records. March purchase of 100% of the amount paid by the user refund; in February to buy the user according to the amount of payment of a refund of 90%; in January to buy the user according to the amount of payment of 80% refund…… By analogy." Can wait until April 1st, the site was completely stopped, the relevant site service contacts have not heard. This let she feel very surprised, then all relevant information cannot be shared. "Don’t own this money wasted?" I do this very upset and angry.

like the same students is not in the minority, Jiangxi, Henan, Chongqing and other places of the country and more college students are a member of the website, many of them also had reported the case to the local police station, but the amount is too small, local police are not filing; help Alipay nobody, because the money has been paid to the. All the students helpless, take a variety of ways to protect the rights of the network >

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