People push the wall down Flash software has been dug 35 serious vulnerabilities

a while ago, Google said disable Flash in its Chrome browser, Facebook chief security officer also said "Adobe is announced Flash death. To prove their decision is correct, Google security team Project Zero breath found 35 vulnerabilities in the Flash player.

today, Adobe said this week to repair the Flash player 35 security vulnerabilities, which include the 15 release after the use of the vulnerability, the collapse of the vulnerability of the 8 memory, as well as the confusion of the 5 types of vulnerabilities.

most of the severity of the vulnerability has reached 1, which means that hackers have been or are likely to exploit these vulnerabilities to attack. In addition to Linux and Chrome OS users, users of the Windows and OS X systems were told to upgrade the Flash player to the version. Or users can simply uninstall the Flash player, so that the way to fix the vulnerability is the most convenient.

so many vulnerabilities once again exposed the security issues in the public eye Flash. This technology in the PC era made distinctions won in battle had to admit in the performance and safety have been left behind, the HTML5 shares after the waves would have been shot down Flash, a trend which cannot be halted on the shore. Internet Co has abandoned a number of Flash.

this time Google Flash dug up to 35 holes rather than salt to the wound, rather die conform to the trend of accelerated Flash this already "outdated" products.

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