The soaring price of Cloud and Yun cloud domain two domain name

the Internet giants have launched cloud services, cloud access through the acquisition and registration of domain name, Apple’s $ acquisition, and recently launched cloud cloud domain, Amazon acquired the domain name, seems to be in order to make up for the previously launched cloud music service missed cloud domain, the big two to buy cloud domain. It is to stimulate the market on the cloud domain domain into a cloud of second injection, hot.

overseas cloud domain name "Cloud" in

Cloud Computing is proposed the concept of cloud Google, this concept was put forth, set off a boom in the relevant domain name registered in the domain name, domain name in the overseas related type in "Cloud" mainly in the overseas market, Cloud related domain names have been registered domain name enthusiasts, according to incomplete statistics, the current "Cloud" the combination of cloud domain has more than more than and 300, of which the number of terminal acquisitions or registered with the weight of many plays.


Figure 1: Overseas cloud cloud domain name

The launch of the

new things and new concepts, followed by peripheral products derived, plus enterprise terminal to launch new products, is to promote the domain name, domain name transaction from the diagram can understand the overseas cloud, the domain name "Cloud" the transaction key role, and this type of cloud domain has been breaking the.Com suffix restrictions, non.Me/.in/.ly/.de/.au has become the mainstream choice of cloud domain object, and in these non mainstream suffix, some domain name transaction price is also good, such as domain name $29000 turnover, trading between these domain name domain name trading department most enthusiasts, enterprise terminal transactions less.

in addition to apple, Amazon acquired cloud cloud terminal domain, buy another concern is the Citrix domain name acquisition of the development of the cloud infrastructure software company, industry speculation, Citrix acquisitions do not rule out the possibility, directed at the domain name domain name cloud visible, attractive to enterprises. Today, the increase in cloud domain applications, but also to promote the value of the cloud domain name.

domestic cloud domain protagonist Yun Pinyin

two domestic and foreign domain market culture is different, the foreign traffic English cloud "cloud", while the domestic market is the lead singer of the cloud pinyin "Yun", "Yun" combination Pinyin domain name domain name became the main type of cloud, Yun single spell different suffix, Yun or even three double spell, have become the domestic field on the popular cloud domain.


Figure 2: domestic Yun cloud domain name

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