Luxury website users accused of inflated within a year to speed up the shuffle

B2C recently soared: luxury heat network serves LuxeHome network and tens of millions of dollars more than large financing, the industry has added "Sina luxury goods giant member". However, industry sources, the phenomenon of luxury website users virtual high, raising the financing threshold will promote industry consolidation. Serves network vice president Chen Yijia even said that the next one or two years will become the industry reshuffle.

financing doubled

Sina recently launched the luxury Channel "Sina luxury goods" seems to increase the weight in the luxury goods industry as the "fire". At the beginning of this year, the NetEase launched the "Netease Luxuries", and slightly before December of last year, the nature of the community luxury shopping website excellent public network announced $11 million in the first round of financing, also announced $20 million in the first round of financing, and this is just the luxury B2C industry circle to crazy footnote.

, according to incomplete statistics, this year, with the nature of the luxury website announced the news of the continuous financing. Serves network, poly still,, share and network, Luxuries net, Milan net, diamond bird, Kelan diamond, pretty things Qiaoyu so many websites have at least more than $10 million in financing, the recent disclosure of information, Luxuries network and the amount of financing serves network has soared to $50 million and $100 million. Even rough calculation, the total amount of luxury goods industry financing has exceeded $400 million this year.

according to the hit group data show that last year the whole industry financing of $108 million has been considered as "over the past few years the sum of the explosive growth". It is noteworthy that, in addition to the size of the blowout blowout, luxury business has been included in the above Sina, NetEase, including heavyweights favor. Among them, Kelan diamond tens of millions of dollars in financing from Tencent, VANCL aged CEO (micro-blog) also announced plans to sell LV.

Vice President

Chen Yijia said the network serves, the luxury site upfront investment compared to other commercial website, small luxury website pressure, such as can not successfully obtain financing worrying prospect. She further said that the fastest within a year of domestic luxury online shopping market will enter the entire period.

users questioned

investment is still known as the network of angel investors Lei Jun (micro-blog) has repeatedly expressed confidence in the luxury B2C. But CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) and Lei Jun disagree openly in the micro-blog luxury online shopping to pour cold water. Li Guoqing said, luxury brands recognized degree is low, the purchase price advantage, little logistics lost pieces of high cost are flawed luxury online shopping.

and the bigwigs in the debate not when the luxury business user scale was traced to the presence of water. Analysys International data show that the mainstream of the domestic luxury site a total of 17, of which the number of members over millions of only 5, respectively, LuxeHome serves network network, share network, and Martha Marceau.

reporter found that the current luxury website membership registration is divided into two modes, "invited membership system" and "note"

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