The police gave me a letter of the Olympic Games must pay attention to the webmaster

dear user:

Hello, received a higher level of emergency notification, your site is disconnected access service!

information reference: the Ministry of information industry on the issuance of < Internet access services market to carry out the work of the special management program > notice (Letter No. [2006]273)

if your site contains the following will be permanently closed:

. Liuhe color, containing illegal lottery lottery gambling and soccer gambling, betting on horses, viruses, Trojans, reactionary, political and other illegal content


two. Unhealthy thinking, pornographic content, focus, photo stand, movie station, and beauty picture ads:

image class:

picture with suggestive obvious;

swimwear female hip facing the lens, make suggestive movements and expressions;

non human body images but naked body;

dew point and the use of a very small cover dew point;

expresses pornography in a dim way;

wearing SM or adult clothing or adult products;

deliberately emptied;

features a female or male lower body…

text class:

text contains obvious suggestive words;

containing "lewd", "customers" and "Cougar" obscenity vocabulary;

with a personal privacy of the nature of the "candid" and other words;

text does not contain words, but the overall feeling of pornography;

video class:

foreign banned MTV;

suggestive advertising fragments;

three and AV in the temptation of fragments;

webmaster and agent partners:

is a law-abiding obligation and responsibility we should do. Otherwise, all the consequences themselves


finally remind walking webmaster, don’t think yourself some edge content from domestic large portal site from my sleep without any anxiety, 39 Health, some large gender station. As a result, I received the letter. You play ball webmaster, can you wrap wrap it, want to do a Ca Bianqiu owners also pay attention to during the Olympic Games, don’t do it, slowly.

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