Reflections on the personal website trading market

      today inadvertently turn to turn the webmaster trading platform (, originally intended to buy a few stations to supplement my site, but I saw the scene surprised!


The whole point of sale

100 yuan to sell my website

200 yuan selling day ip1000 game station!!!!!!

download station station for sale

     ….. Meet the eye everywhere

      from the sale of information I can see many helpless stationmaster, work station so as to like vegetables to the shelf, ready to be buyers, dozens, 100200400, this is when you hold a grand blueprint to do station price?

      you may indeed be upset, because of work or other causes not to go, but ever more or your fickleness in the beginning of the establishment of the play, why don’t you plan it? These may be faced with the difficulties you should have considered, should not be ignored at the beginning of all the difficulties, only thinking about the wonderful plan of their own, but ignore the reality of the current development of the site – difficult! Promotion difficult, difficult to grow, more difficult to make money!

      deep investigation of the current causes of this situation. Why more and more webmaster choose to do a few days, and so stand to do a little bit of traffic, to a few hundred IP 1000IP quickly think of a way to sell it?

      Internet is perhaps the situation downturn created a blundering Internet environment, thereby affecting the countless stationmaster, let them become blind, promote plus 1 yuan of corn, free internet web site the original code power, it spawned numerous new sites, but these are based on an impetuous environment, not too much, the key is a sober moment!

      a corn, a set of procedures, rent a space for 1 hours to a new station was established, I is the webmaster, while a little excited propaganda, do content, pull a little traffic, today actually reached more than and 100 to ip! Impetuous psychological adhere to a period of time before they found the development of a difficult problem, traffic is always difficult to improve, spend so much time every day did not do a few thousand traffic, hanging an advertisement can not make money

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