Controversial central bank credit center market whether the monopoly of public resources

January 5, 2015, the people’s Bank of Chinese official website announced that the people’s Bank has issued the "notice" on the good personal credit business preparatory work, requirements of sesame credit management company eight agencies to do the personal credit business of the preparatory work, the preparation time for six months. Currently, from the time the notice has been issued for more than a year, however, there is still no one body to get personal credit license.


in all waiting, in November 28, 2015, the new financial reports, the credit information center of the people’s Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the "central bank credit center") to the market. Reported that the central bank credit center, as well as its subsidiary subsidiary of Shanghai credit Co., Ltd. are expected to obtain a license for personal credit agencies. This means that the central bank credit center will be officially transformed to carry out market-oriented operation. However, the central bank credit center and its subsidiaries, Shanghai credit Co., Ltd. is not notified of the eight institutions listed. The report uses an anonymous source, not the central bank credit center publicly announced, but after the central bank credit center has not been issued to deny.

personal credit market gate around the corner, the future will be how to locate the center of the central bank credit, private credit institutions are very concerned about the problem, because it relates to the future of these institutions report how to design and how to carry out service. At the same time, but also the other domestic size or public credit information platform is very concerned about the issue, because the central bank credit center road may be a start and demonstration. In the long run, the positioning and the impact of the credit market structure will affect the formation of China’s financial system in the future to serve the overall efficiency of the real economy. From the perspective of the construction of social credit system, which will have a profound impact on the layout and direction of personal credit industry.

, however, there was no official and clear representation of how the central bank’s credit rating center will be publicly available in Caixin’s report. The NetEase sent a letter to the science and technology center of the central bank credit and credit industry supervision institutions of the people’s Bank of China credit bureau, wanted to know whether the central bank credit center will turn to the market and related issues, there is no response.

this makes the industry and academia, the problem is full of uncertainty, anxiety and even controversy.

controversy focus: special monopoly status

The focus of the dispute is that

, the central bank credit center has access to the national commercial banks to provide personal credit information special monopoly position.

central bank credit center was founded in 2006, is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of financial credit information database, the library is on the central bank’s original investigation basic credit registration and consulting system and statistics department supervisor to build up, the main data source is the national commercial bank to submit credit information. One of the most valuable personal credit is submitted by the national commercial bank personal credit information, it is the traditional personal credit report of the core data.

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