Mt Gox president pleaded guilty did counterfeit bitcoin

Lei Feng

yesterday reported net bankrupt bitcoin trading site Mt.Gox founder and CEO Mark Karpelè s was arrested by Japanese police on suspicion of forgery of transaction data message, according to Japanese media The Japan Times news, the French began to insist on his innocence, just spent a weekend, he confessed.

According to

reports, Mark Karpelè s data in 2013 admitted their manually modify the transaction system, make the system more than $1 million without any cause or reason; he also admitted that the use of forged bitcoin transactions and users, but still insist on the amount in the thousands or tens of thousands of Yen Yen, because this is just some test, and he also used the "test" false bitcoin transactions and users.

and the Japanese police also made new progress, according to Japan’s national police agency said that they have new evidence that Karpelè s had embezzled; at least 1 billion 100 million yen (about $8 million 900 thousand) of the website of funds, now Karpelè s will face occupation corruption charges.

on the site was stolen after the stolen 650 thousand bitcoins, Karpelè s still insist that this is related to their own. But industry experts have pointed out that the so-called "hacking" is completely fake, in fact, hosted on the Mt.Gox bitcoin start have been gradually disappeared since 2011; and large-scale theft until 2014 began in February disclosed.

The current progress of the Japanese police department also did not disclose the relevant investigation of

, but the report did mention investigators suspect Karpelè detailed information about bitcoin lost s in fact, because these bitcoin is through his account to the account number of the separation of the other; this seems to be a premeditated plan the organization of financial crime, not a hacker should have scored the Mt.Gox system behavior model.

in accordance with Japanese law, the Japanese police before the formal prosecution, the right to the suspects for up to 3 weeks of questioning and interrogation. Looks like Karpelè in the short term; s’s days are not going to be better.

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