Love and marriage website suffered a real name system or a good solution

in the media rendering, "left male 3S lady" phenomenon has become a serious social problem. Today, people no longer adhere to the discussion and research, to explore some practical ways to solve the problems, this makes 2010 become the most prosperous years of dating, major television dating shows popular sparked national love fever.

, however, as the main channel of the blind dating sites but because of its own mechanism and identity attribute fuzzy caused by regulatory gaps, frequently exposed fraud, information security and other events. Credit crisis has become a common problem in the current marriage and marriage website, which has become the biggest bottleneck restricting its development.

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"your parents urge marriage?" now, friends meet Xujiu, which has almost become a need to talk about the topic. With 80 generation into thirty years of age, was widely questioned has gradually grown into the backbone of society. However, this group, but because of various social problems and a generation of special growth experience and suffered a marriage difficulties, and gave birth to a lot of leftover men 3S lady". Data show that China’s existing marriageable age singles who have more than 180 million, while Beijing, Shanghai and other cities in the single rate of marriageable youth has exceeded 30%. This has become a must face up to the urgent need to explore the way to solve the social problems, and a variety of blind nature of the channel is more unpopular.

relative to the niche TV dating and traditional dating of the old, all day and the "net" with young people more attracted to provide natural dating sites dating platform. The characteristics of this aspect and the marriage of the site itself, with the growing popularity of the network, dating sites because of its convenience, timely interaction, wide coverage and other reasons make it more suitable for modern young people’s taste. On the other hand, the majority of the current marriage website in the promotion and seize the market stage, each site is spared no expense to launch an advertising campaign to expand visibility. In order to Jiayuan site as an example, to the end of May 2010 this year, has invested a total of $34 million 917 thousand and 400 online advertising. In addition, the full range of dating websites to expand marketing channels, through cooperation with television dating programs such as expand the influence of alliance Jiayuan site and Lily network Jiangsu satellite TV "If You Are The One", attached to the Zhejiang satellite TV "cherished network run for love" column etc..

this year, the domestic famous dating network Jiayuan,, cherished network and network users Lily increased a lot, for example, Lily network membership has more than 20 million, Jiayuan has 27 million members. IResearch data show that since February 2010, the number of marriage and dating service users showed continued rapid growth trend. April, the average number of days of love and marriage class service coverage up to 3 million 668 thousand people, an increase of more than 28.57% in March, the growth rate is much higher than the other dating service users. IResearch predicts that in 2010 China’s online dating market will reach 1 billion 200 million yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 84.7%.


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