Crackling nternet gangster NPC and CPPCC behind what kind of proposal with a small abacus

Abstract: I suspect Robin Li, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun before met, otherwise how are exactly the same proposal, the proposal is to bring the Internet into national strategies to better grasp the opportunities of the Internet era, using the Internet to quickly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.


last year’s two sessions, Baidu Robin Li two proposals, a fair education, hoping to use online education, educational resources to solve unfair, one is to encourage private enterprises to enter the field of space. Both are inextricably linked to Baidu, online education has been an important piece of Baidu in the field of O2O. The field of space data calculation, storage, etc. can be applied to Baidu’s cloud technology.

as a representative of new Shanxi, Robin Li can be seen on the side of the Shanxi people are pragmatic, prudent, two proposals are very smart, not only to win fame but secretly allows Baidu to benefit. So, this year Robin Li in the name of the country given the proposal is: the establishment of the national level of the Chinese brain program.

which involves intelligent human-computer interaction, big data analysis and prediction, automatic driving, intelligent medical diagnosis, intelligent unmanned aircraft, military and civilian robotics, etc.. And these are precisely the strategic implementation of Baidu’s strategy was proposed shortly before the 2015 Robin Li: connecting people and services".

we all know that Baidu and the government go too close, if the proposal is passed, then Baidu can rely on their own technical advantages, the dominant position in the Chinese brain program. By then, Baidu will get policy and resource support, to maintain a leading edge in the country, and can use the resources of the government and Microsoft, Google and other aspects of artificial intelligence in a new round of competition.

and another big brother Ma Huateng last year due to the absence of two sessions this year, the proposal is related to the Internet, including one is to use mobile Internet haze. I have always felt that brother’s Pony belongs to the type, the proposal to confirm my view.

has long been rumored to have been involved in the fight against Tencent, saying that the Colts have been elevated. In fact, for many years, although not so hard-edged brother Pony Ma, but never looks like the little penguin as refined and cultured, Tencent, the key moment will reveal sharp teeth.

is another proposal, recommended the development of national strategy to promote the comprehensive development of the "Internet plus". The proposal for the Tencent "+" I feel more appropriate in this proposal is that Ma Huateng and Robin Li are no doubt thought together, want to use on behalf of their advantage, to promote their own strategic planning, the company’s objectives and combined with the government planning to maintain a competitive advantage.

I doubt before Robin Li, Lei Jun, Ma Huateng must be met, otherwise how are the same proposal, the proposal is to bring the Internet into national strategies to better grasp the opportunities of the Internet era, using the Internet.

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