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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 5th news, we believe that for the word "sea washes" is not strange! Nearly two years of sea Amoy has become popular network, there are a large number of entrepreneurs to join the business in the army sea Amoy, it seems the Internet bigwigs see the sea Amoy boom join.

is perhaps the Amazon opened direct mail policy to stimulate the domestic electricity supplier, shop No. 1 (September 3rd) announced the Orient and cross-border electronic payment through docking, officially launched "1 sea purchase project. Of course, shop No. 1 is not the first person to eat crab, before Taobao has a global purchase, Tmall international, in June this year, vip.com also low-key test the water scouring the sea, etc.. So sea Amoy really so beautiful?

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in 2013 China Sea Amoy family (cross-border online shopping) has reached 18 million. Predicted that by 2018, China’s sea Amoy family, the number will reach 35 million 600 thousand people, sea Amoy scale will reach RMB 1 trillion yuan. It seems that sea Amoy really a big cake!

and overweight electricity supplier giant is undoubtedly the chaotic sea Amoy service into a stream. It is understood that the sea Amoy network, Tmall international and other B2C sites are established partnerships with overseas retailers, consumers can purchase direct from the site and ensure price transparency. More perfect service system so that consumers have a substantial increase in the enthusiasm of scouring the sea, but the problem is still difficult to solve the problem of slow delivery of consumer courier.

SF EXPRESS has said downwind transport service from order to sent to the customer needs 2-3 weeks, shipping is only four of the 50% major international express; while the new on-line U.S. official website STO closed beta began scouring the sea transport business, the price is lower than the first pound SF, Shen Tongzheng is currently actively seeking overseas franchisees.

according to PayPal statistics, China has become the second largest destination of cross-border online shopping in the United States, the coverage rate of up to 39%, more cross-border online shopping companies want to find more rare products in foreign websites. The main products Chinese sea Amoy family overseas purchases are clothing and shoes, health beauty, computer hardware, jewelry watches, personal consumer electronics equipment.

good policy in the sea Amoy situation how to go next? It is worth pondering


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