College students want to get a good idea of 100 thousand venture capital

want to start their own business, but there is no money no project is a problem encountered by many college students. I hope to help college students, sponsored by Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing and Bucharest group of "2009 college students entrepreneurship contest was officially launched yesterday, the imitation of CCTV" win in China "program contest prepared a total of 2 million 50 thousand yuan venture capital, which can get 100 thousand yuan prize. It is also this year, in order to encourage college students to set up their own business and the highest bonus activities.

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, the college students entrepreneurial skills challenge from now on, will continue until September, the participants for the city’s 2009 college graduates. The pattern of the game is basically the same as the "win in China" program. Through registration, primaries, internship, runoff, until finally decide the challenge one or two, third-prize, were given 100 thousand yuan, 80 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan venture capital support, but not for the finals winning players will directly reward 500 yuan.

for the content of the game, the organizers said, when the players will be thrown out of the entrepreneurial project, to collect business plan, and then select the information from the interviewer. Interview content covers the coping ability, social skills, management ability and other aspects, and finally will select 50 college students into the training and actual operation of the game.

, we will introduce a practical way to test the ability to test the players strain." It is reported that the team players will accept specific tasks, such as if required to open a campus cake shop, everyone how to division of labor, how to prepare the shop and respond to competition. The organizing committee will be assessed according to each person’s performance, the final grades, the highest can obtain 100 thousand yuan venture capital.

, deputy director of Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing admissions office Lin Wenjun said that entrepreneurship is the employment, so students have been encouraged to go out, do more to expand, but now students most is the lack of funds and experience. So, in addition to the novel form of the event, but also for students to build a business platform, even if there is no award-winning, but also to learn entrepreneurial experience, improve entrepreneurial ability. Students interested in participating in the city can log on the website of the University of Commerce and industry registration.

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