Fang Xingdong and his website

      when I was in college, I was exposed to the computer and the Internet, so that the influence of Fang Xingdong’s speeches and writings. Often go to Ji’nan on Saturday to Sunday, Quancheng Xinhua Bookstore, read Fang Xingdong and Xu Zhiyuan compiled the book. Still remember, in a mountain in the sea, suddenly find surprise and joy that the "historical records" of the IT.

      this takes from 1998 began brewing, which continuously from Amazon to buy and read hundreds of books in the English, browsing and access to thousands of websites, written by referring to more than 10 thousand documents after the basic knowledge of IT primer, 150 words, 4 volumes of "historical records" IT and on today, is still a rare collection of knowledge.

      time course is little, the school library books and most left behind, I often feel a certain emptiness in spirit, in the evening often go to Internet cafes on the Tunghsiao, tired of playing games, then look at the Chinese blog network. Every day for five minutes, to their own ideas!" The concept of the slogan, the impression is very deep, but also in line with the blog China network as a "knowledge portal" elite features.

      the word "blog" was created by Fang Xingdong and Wang Junxiu, which was very fresh in 03 years. Then by the industry with netizens called Chinese blog Godfather Fang Xingdong, the pioneer in the concept of promotion and popularization of the Web2.0 application, blog, no matter how his words, and later blog network China sank, at this point, he is not.

      when the blog network plays an important role in China sowing blog spirit, application mode is very novel, very humane website content and the ideal temperament, gathered a group of thoughtful, connotation, influential, treat the intellectual question thoroughly, and Xu Zhiyuan’s "Economic Observer". There are many articles, enlightenment, education, culture and value of knowledge and the spirit of universal doctrine slightly ideal reason of temperament.

      I was one of the earliest registered blog blog China, also wrote several articles Xuzhiyuan not decent article, also published under the banyan tree was the noise a Sheng original literary website. Later, to participate in the work around, there is no time and energy to blog china. Later, I saw the rise of Sina blog, but in the end I chose the Tianya community blog, and has been used to today.

      blink of an eye, four years passed. In four years, we China Internet, not staged a fight every hour and moment and competition, slander and ridicule, cooperation and merger, success and failure of a field tragicomedy.


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