nventory 2016 online music battlefield Ghosts know what BAT NetEase have experienced

distance from the end of 2016 there are 5 days, Tencent announced the music business structure and the appointment of senior news, no accident, which may be the end of this year, the end of the field of online music is not a small thing.

from the Tencent (QQ) and China Music Group (cool dog, cool) after the merger, the domestic online music market and centralization, Tencent (Tencent formed music + Chinese Music Group), Ali cloud music, Baidu music, NetEase (Music – Music) four mainstream game player, four of every act and every move affects all with the domestic music market in the future.

close to the end of the year, it is time to take this opportunity to inventory, the copyright dispute in, the year after the merger and reorganization in 2016, the domestic online music market in the end what has gone through


Tencent listed Bo Music: rest on our laurels for a year, in 2017 to continue to do


keyword: Sun profit suction eye, merger and reorganization of IPO

Tencent for music, this year the purpose is very clear: the listed listed listed!!! From the year several key action is not difficult to see that the Tencent is a step in preparation for the listing.

July 15th, the Tencent of the QQ music business with CMC’s (China Music Group) were combined, through the replacement of assets become the major shareholder of the new equity music group, and will fully support the development of business, to lay the cornerstone of listing. Prior to have a 16% stake in Tencent CMC group achieved the absolute controlling stake in the new music group, accounting for up to $60%.

Followed by

, July 26th, QQ music uncharacteristically it hosted the music industry forum will share media, announced the user and revenue data of its own: QQ music has 100 million active users (DAU), 400 million monthly active users, pay the size of more than 10 million users, the cumulative digital music album 20 million, the number of digital the mainstream album music platform sold 91.8%.

in the global music streaming media is still in a "dead money" era, China came the "profits" of the news should be exciting, but please don’t get too happy. Why can the QQ music before the foreign mature streaming media platform (such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), we need to remain vigilant.

is a fatal problem of foreign copyright fee is far higher than domestic, 2015 Spotify earnings, revenue increased by 80%, reaching $2 billion 180 million, which includes Spotify copyright, distribution and other expenses of $1 billion 830 million, equivalent to 12 billion 700 million yuan.


picture from interface music finance

look at the country, after the disclosure of the industry, QQ music copyright spending in the billions of up and down, and S>

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