The railway network booking day two times because of air conditioning failure paralysis has been que

Post reporter intern Liang Shen Zhuang Yujiao

Spring Festival railway to the big screen is not fully opened, railway ticket website has stumbled, a spate of fault.

because of the room air conditioning system failure, is actively organizing repair. At present, the suspension of Internet Ticketing, refund, change business……" Yesterday morning, the railway ticket website 12306 paralysis until yesterday evening around the recovery. And in December 24th, 12306 sites have also been due to air conditioning failure paralysis.

automatic ticketing machine outage

yesterday morning at 9:15, ready to sign the 12306 tickets website of white-collar work in Jingan District, Hu, during the new year’s day booking train tickets, but he and several buyers like to eat "cold-shoulder treatment".

"you can book tickets by telephone within January 6, 2013, January 4, 2013 within can also purchase tickets at the station ticket window or outlets. Refund, change business, would you please go to the station window for." 12306 ticketing website yesterday announced the contents of the display.

railway station ticket vending machine and network ticket business also stopped. Yesterday afternoon, the ShangHai Railway Station, the first electronic display second automatic ticketing service center shows: "the office server failure, temporarily unable to take the internet ticket to the tickets of passengers please go out for 200 meters to ShangHai Railway Station ticket office to the left handle." Service center is also posted on the door does not apply for Internet tickets business notice.

Morning Post reporter observed in the manual ticket window, because the Internet can not get tickets for the fault, the railway sector opened two emergency window for passengers to take ticket business. Miss Shen, who is queuing to get tickets, told reporters that she was on the afternoon of 24 online ordering a ticket to Suzhou T132 Shanghai, driving time 14:38.

"I didn’t know the vending machine fails, thanks to me a little early today, otherwise can not walk or to change. Every time this happens, may harm the interests of passengers." Miss Shen said.

yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock, the reporter saw in the automatic ticket service center, passengers can take tickets on the automatic ticket machine, automatic ticket machine to resume normal. 8:30 last night, the Morning Post reporter login 12306 website to buy tickets, the system has been displayed.

December 24th, 12306 sites have occurred due to air conditioning equipment failure, suspend Internet Ticketing Service situation. After several hours of repair, Internet Ticketing Service was restored.

railway ticketing system has been questioned

according to industry insiders, the computer room of electronic equipment will produce a lot of heat, the temperature and humidity changes are extremely sensitive. Slight fluctuations in temperature and humidity may result in serious problems with the system

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