Home Furnishing electric line counterattack Qijia network incorporate Oriental home 19 stores


reporter Tang Xunfang Beijing reported

electric start counter attack line.

January 10th, the reporter from a person familiar with the Qijia network get exclusive news: the famous Home Furnishing building renovation electricity supplier network has signed a "family family network in cooperation with the East homes framework agreement with Oriental home".

in this cooperation agreement, Oriental home will cooperate with Beijing, Qingdao, Qijia network in Ji’nan, Dalian, Shenyang, Chengdu, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Hefei City, Changsha 12 19 stores, including stores direct acquisition of Orient home.

on the afternoon of January 10th, the acquisition of Oriental home Qijia network issue, public relations director Wu Xingbing said on the matter is not convenient to express their views.

will acquire part of the Oriental home stores

they build is O2O2O (from online to offline and then back online) mode, before the line is introduced to the line under

will be offered to "regulating the family network to talk about acquisitions and cooperation." The familiar Qijia net related to informed sources, the two sides to negotiate the matter has been more than 3 months, after the signing of the cooperation framework, began more specific details of the cooperation agreement.

he told reporters, according to the 19 stores, regulating the family network will take the following approach to integration: according to the Oriental home owned stores, some of the Qijia network direct acquisition, some will take the lease to get those originally; Oriental homes rented stores, regulating the family network will adopt a cooperative leasing mode.

Oriental home stores reverted by ", regulating the family network can solve the problem of" long-term no store ". Previously, the Qijia network business model, through the form of group purchase delineation of some users, then rent a regular mall or hotel to do a large group purchase will allow users and businesses to trade.

previously, the large group will not be held every day, usually on Saturday and Sunday, which makes the user experience is not particularly good. In a fixed store, Monday to Sunday can operate." The insider said.

they build is O2O2O (from online to offline and then back online) mode, before the line is cited to the next line." The insider believes.

family network began to profit from 2008, since entering the rapid growth. In 2010, Qijia net turnover reached 6 billion 500 million yuan; 11 billion 500 million yuan in 2011, 2012 is expected to reach 18 billion yuan.

our profit model is complex and diverse, with technical service fees, activity fees, and turnover deduction combined with water." Wu Xingbing admitted, specific revenue figures in regulating the family network is not convenient to disclose.

According to the reporter to the

industry, building materials industry, the proportion of the electricity supplier Home Furnishing > Koudian

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