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A (www.admin5.com) 5 station network December 17th news today, cool announcement resumption, also announced the establishment of strategic partnership with Qihoo 360, the two sides will work together to create a more powerful mobile phone brand great god.

It is reported that Zhou Hongyi

, the past six months with a plus, Meizu ZTE and other mobile phone manufacturers have more interaction, has seriously considered investment is also located in the Shenzhen mobile phone manufacturers cool, the logic is cool, isolated two brand great God and ivvi, although the original cast is cool, but the possibility of a large team for blood.

in November this year, will cool its business into three, respectively, for operators, electricity providers, social channels, including the main business of the great god. It is reported that the great God to go on the road of independent operation, we must get rid of the dependence on cool, independent brand operation needs new model to follow up. Therefore, the God of capital must be diversified, and the emergence of strategic investors can not only give God bring financial help, more important is to bring some complementary resources to god.

Zhou Hongyi in the early 2012 HUAWEI failed, launched a series of "360 special machines" from the beginning of June that year, but due to cooperation with 360 more for a small mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone companies and cooperation also found that the effect of mobile phone sales Co. back in 360, "360 special machine last fruitless, its operation the team was split, and removed 360 of special machine project navigation recommendation.

third party according to the authoritative data statistics show that as of October 2014 the cumulative shipments, China cool is currently the largest 4G intelligent mobile phone provider, ranked first in market share, of which God brand in the domestic mobile phone market share in the electricity supplier brand ranked in the top 3, the single product in Tmall, Jingdong sales list first name.

insider said, Qihoo 360 and Qihoo 360 cool cooperation is by far the largest capital operation, it is not Zhou Hongyi, prompted by a sudden impulse. In fact, this cooperation is to negotiate with Zhou Hongyi by cool Hao Fang, both sides approached the time more than half a year. Some analysts believe that the cooperation between the 360 and cool, is to use the advantages of both hardware and software, to create a new Internet phone brand, a millet or millet to beat. But the analysts said that the current red sea is the mobile phone market, leaving 360 of the opportunity is not much.

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