Tencent car brand Chery domain qq cn is no protection against

renamed China (eName.cn) September 15th news, Tencent and Chery’s "QQ" trademark dispute finally came to an end, the Tencent was sentenced to revoke a registered trademark in the automotive product "QQ". Since taking the domain name QQ.COM, QQ brand and penguin in the field of communication has become synonymous with Tencent. However, Tencent Chery trademark dispute, but also from the beginning.

figure: Tencent registered trademark

figure: Chery registered trademark

in 2003, Chery applied for registration of "QQ" trademark, specify the use of twelfth categories in the international classification of buses, electric vehicles, cars and other goods, and the introduction of a mini car QQ. At that time, the Tencent raised objections. In February 1999 the Tencent launched a communications software formerly known as "OPEN-ICQ", referred to as OICQ, oicq.com and oicq.net in 2000 after the domain name returned to the United States online Tencent, Logo also changed to QQ in September 2000, then in twelfth registered No. 1962825th "QQ" (Art) trademark.

for the QQ brand related domain toss two or three years of Tencent, just in 2003 in order to buy the domain name qq.com. After the domain name oicq.com, domain name, domain name tencent.com qq.com.cn after several twists and turns, the Tencent officially in the domain name QQ.COM "settle down". At this point, in terms of Internet communications, QQ chat has a certain degree of visibility.

in order to protect the ownership of the trademark "QQ", Tencent in 2005 submitted to apply for the registration of "QQ" brand car logo, and was approved in March 7, 2008. However, Chery company in the trademark registration in violation of the trademark law to the commercial jury to revoke the application of the disputed trademark. 2013 business judges ruled that the disputed trademark held by Tencent revoked. But the Tencent did not give up, bring a lawsuit to the judges. So far, the fight for this trademark has been 10 years.

lawsuit against Tencent, the court held that, Tencent’s QQ although in the communications service class has been a certain degree of popularity, but does not extend to automotive products. Tencent lost again. Brand protection in this piece, there are obviously insufficient Tencent, such as domain name qq.cn is still not in the hands of Tencent.

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