Taobao union Symposium Yamaha Jiangcheng teach 700 thousand Orange gold collar

at present, a group to help business enterprise product promotion and personal webmaster "Taobao" is active in the field of electronic commerce, through their website, forum, micro-blog, personal blog etc to provide consumers with shopping service, help businesses promote their products, and as a source of income, they are called "orange", one of the new occupation is also the most interesting, the most fashionable.

September 14th, Amoy network ( under the flag of the opening of Wuhan branch of Chinese largest electricity supplier in the field of network marketing alliance platform of Taobao alliance "Symposium", hundreds from Wuhan and the surrounding areas of the "orange collar" and well-known brand BeDOOK, Crespo card and other companies to join Wuhan, discuss to support the "orange collar" "2 billion new" area floor plan, study how to help the electronic commerce enterprise, the local development of small and medium sized personal webmaster and Taobao customer groups get higher income and better.

"at present, the Hubei area in the Taobao union registered ‘orange collar’ members have reached nearly 700 thousand, this data can also be ranked in the top ten in the country." Taobao alliance responsible person Qu Yang said, compared with Beijing, but the city such as Shanghai, Hubei area of the active "orange collar" is relatively small, the number of the Taobao alliance invited well-known enterprises to join the alliance more local ecosystem, also invited some well-known personal webmaster and Taobao customers came to Wuhan to share with you how to use the Taobao alliance marketing platform, the high-quality resources into business model.

it is understood that the Taobao Union for the small owners of the "2 billion new" regional landing policy mainly includes "standing up gold" and "new gold experience" in two parts, industry and area of well-known TOP site can sign the "alliance and standing Growth Fund advertising annual purchasing framework cooperation; and signed at the symposium 8 any station station station field, can also enjoy 3 months full 100 back to 50" new experience of gold policy. In the 2 billion new deal to support the source of funds, of which 1 billion 500 million from the Taobao business is divided into, the other is a scouring network brings to the outside of the business is divided into 500 million.

for the convenience of the "orange collar" have to exchange and share, to support the new owners and new models for the purpose of "who struggle with the peak of commercial competition also held simultaneously, two local players" Wudang "(professional navigation website) and Chen Guangfeng (" Shaolin ", information portal website) Chen Shuangchen reached the semi-finals.

navigation website "love shopping network" was founded in 2009, has about 30 thousand orders per month now for single business cooperation, the amount of orders of more than 3 million yuan, its founder Chen Guangfeng said, "I hope the future of Taobao alliance income can reach 1/3 of total revenue, has become one of our main source of income." And this year just graduated from the Wuhan University of Technology, and founded the college professional community "guide network" and "Shaolin" players, Chen Shuangchen said, "want to put yourself in the search engine optimization (SEO) to share the experience with more people, also hope to help more B2C>

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