Why is the content of the enterprise marketing has been criticized

enterprise website many webmasters are talking about content construction factors, with the escalation of the search engine algorithm, content marketing in the present enterprise web site optimization process for component is more important, so the current enterprise station content marketing has been criticized on why


first, many marketers do not attach much importance to content optimization. I found that many enterprise managers in the process of updating the website website content in three days fishing nets two days of drying, good mood today is updated a few articles, I don’t want to update it to the place, enough to see many optimization personnel do not pay attention to enterprise content optimization, especially a few years ago that the era of rampant chain as long as the release of the chain can stabilize the weight and website ranking, indeed 13 years outside the chain for the website of the effect is indeed very important, but the site optimization changed by chain transfer to the content, so we should pay attention to the optimization of the content of enterprise website.

second, always wanted " curry favor with " search engine. I think the key problems of the station a lot of enterprises or enterprises is the webmaster mentality change, they put the service into thinking, please search engine tricks, blindly to cater to the search engine so the content quality of the large discount, acquisition acquisition, pseudo original false original lot when the fool search engine, of course, the weight of the website will be with us away, so the purpose is to update the contents of the enterprise website that customer service as the fundamental purpose, to enhance the user satisfaction we update the article to have the value and significance of.

third, a single enterprise maintenance personnel will inevitably appear " tired of " phenomenon. We find that the general enterprise site operation and maintenance personnel is very small, is often a part-time webmaster will do a lot of things, such as code modification, web design, editing, SEO live a person to do all, so most of the time, SEOer will fall into the mindset, the writing of the article will be hard to avoid fall into the stereotypes, often writing the more will inadvertently enter a self handicapping stage, the article gradually lost its originality and freshness, slowly writing will become cope with the job, so I suggest we are best equipped with professional editing to our site to site operation and maintenance to enhance professional degree.

Finally, the author summarize,

, website optimization of enterprise website content marketing has always been the most difficult thing, in fact most of the time we have only to think a moment to find a way to solve the problem, the content of real optimization as a task that must be completed to treat, pay attention to the writing of the article in the mind, in private learning, try reading constantly improve their writing style and writing habits, so the depth will the water rose high, write the article will gradually get the user’s attention and recognition. Well, the above is the content of the author to share today, from Xi’an, Lantian jade network http://s.029lty.com original starting station network, reproduced please indicate the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation. < >

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