Ali 1 billion financing is too low will be short term adjustment

today morning, Alibaba to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to submit IPO prospectus, plans to market in the United states. Prospectus shows that Ali will finance up to $1 billion, Ma shares accounted for 8.9%. Earlier news that Ali’s financing scale in the $16 billion to $20 billion, the $1 billion is considered only a symbolic figure.

Alibaba listed in the news, has been hailed as the "big heat test standard" WeChat circle of friends once again by the scraper, the mainstream media at home and abroad are reported for the first time, the Alibaba listed will have a profound impact on the global capital market and the Internet industry.


this morning I received a lot of media telephone interview (no way, Ali and Ali related enterprises are because of the sensitive period rejected the media, the media only interviewed third party sources, the electricity supplier’s attention) is multimedia on the Alibaba at the IPO prospectus submitted no accident, accident is Ali, originally known as the amount of financing more than 20 billion why is the dollar actually lowered to $1 billion by Alibaba volume, $1 billion is simply attempt an ineffective solution.

we can do a simple math problem, the valuation of the listing of the Alibaba is about $150 billion, if the financing of $1 billion, which means that the transfer of shares listed on Alibaba less than 1%. In Baidu, Google and Facebook to sell shares of Listed Companies in general about 10% or more, if the listing of a company only sold 1% of the shares, then this is a lack of sincerity of will was the capital market cold, even though the market, shares are not satisfactory.

so, I think that the Alibaba $1 billion financing amount is only a matter of expediency, in real time market will adjust to about $20 billion. In the Alibaba before and Cheetah has submitted IPO prospectus, but before the listing adjusted IPO financing amount, which means that the capital market can easily adjust the amount of financing in the short term.

today I see many comments that the Alibaba listed financing amount is reduced to the other listed companies Chinese way, because the capital market is limited, if Ali financing $20 billion, other small and medium-sized enterprises had no money to be raised. This is sheer nonsense, although a lot of $20 billion, but in the global capital market investors also consumption not too much money, want to know the U.S. stock market is the global market, multinational investors can make investment. Therefore, the real time Alibaba listed, will increase the amount of financing. This is it!! (the speed transit Institute Dean Ding Taos Ding Tao micro-blog: WeChat public: dingdaoshi123


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