The impact of the fight against nternet rumors for soft marketing

in accordance with the Baidu Encyclopedia for the interpretation of rumors: inconsistent with the facts of speech. In this way, all of the advertising industry is a rumor industry, advertising is exaggerated for the product, exaggerated, artistic propaganda, there must be inconsistent with the facts. Therefore, the fight against rumors for online advertising, network marketing is bound to have a certain impact. The author is a software writers, combating rumors soft for marketing.

impact on the marketing structure of soft Wen

there is no denying that there are indeed some companies rely on rumors to survive and develop. I contacted a similar company, many of these companies were founded in 2007. One of the public relations event between Mengniu and Yili, so that they see the business opportunities. Around 2008, only a few small and medium enterprises will require marketing companies to create rumors, to fight against opponents or slander each other’s products, but soon some well-known companies in the industry, but also made a similar request. Many of the original network marketing company set up brand enterprise service center, they want from the original "rumor – charging" mode, some successful business transformation, a number of brands to become their regular customers. But there are still some enterprises a continuation of "disinformation – charging" mode, and even some enterprises do "double agent" business. Not just commercial rumors, some of which are for personal rumors, etc.. Against rumors, for this type of enterprises, is a fundamental solution to. It can be predicted that some of these enterprises or some enterprises will withdraw from the market.

soft marketing platform for the impact of

soft Wen release platform is an important part of the soft Wen marketing, the weight of the high release platform can make the spread of soft Wen wider range, higher degree of concern, but also to make up for the shortcomings of soft quality is not high. At the same time, some platforms have also launched the release of soft charge services, including the first line of the forum, some of the second tier news sites, etc.. After the fight against rumors, according to the author’s feelings, the site for the release of soft Wen audit and requirements become strict. In particular, the central level of network media, such as the central broadcasting network, CCTV network, people’s daily, China Economic Net, etc., in the Forum on the audit, more stringent standards. Some of the quality is not high or too obvious implant advertising articles, can not be reviewed by the forum. At the same time, some of the forum and the forum is not related to the soft, equally difficult to pass the audit. Some of the local news sites, may be out of consideration of human resources, closed the forum website. Fight rumors, making the normal increase in the difficulty of marketing soft.

Marketing Trends for soft marketing trends

network for the original content has always been a soft spot, soft Wen also occupy an important part of the original content of the network. Therefore, the existence of soft value and significance. But marketing, need to identify those are really soft and those rumors. The method is very simple: professional people to do professional things, so that professionals to identify. Therefore, the last year, the birth of a lot of professional from the media website. For example tiger sniffing network, etc.

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