Jingdong the first line of attack on the baby store business

March 20th message, it is understood that just in the import price war in maternal and child products quietly hidden Jingdong will be looking to the next line, the first baby shop experience, to the shopping scene as a prominent feature.

Jingdong maternal experience store

informed sources broke the news that the Jingdong maternal and child experience store is located in Chaoyang, Beijing East sanhuan Tang Tang shopping center, and began operating next weekend.

billion state power network on the matter to verify each other to confirm the Jingdong, Jingdong and maternal experience store will be opened, the introduction of maternal experience store unlike traditional supermarkets mother, will pay more attention to the scene experience, users can try to practice the baby feeding, changing diapers and so on in the store. In addition, the store will also introduce online single, scan code payment online shopping.

as for the mother and child experience store will introduce proprietary products or the introduction of third party brand products, Jingdong has not clearly revealed.

It is reported that

, Monday started import maternal price war, the Jingdong is calm, although in the home open entrance promotion and imported diapers, but for a wide range of the activities of the publicity, the steering line maternal stores really beyond all expectations, the Jingdong seems to be well prepared, has long been plotting.

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