Domain name auction Chinese domain name does not cause investor interest

      the second meter statue network domain name auction will be held in Beijing the day before. Site of the 36 domains, including,,, Andy Lau.Com, including the auction, including the sale of 8 domain names.

auction in the domain name of the auction, due to the most favored by Chinese netizens search engine Baidu ( prefix the same, can be described as one of the most concerned about the domain name. Although the domain name is no reserve auction, but due to the sale of the parties set up a reserve price, while the highest bid is only 20 thousand yuan, the final brutally beat.

In addition

, 8 domain name auction site are: was 80 thousand, 100 thousand of the transaction price; price, closing price of 2800 yuan; was 50 thousand, 50 thousand of the transaction price;,, Fujian.Com a set of 3 domain names without price, closing price of 8500 yuan; was 150 thousand, 250 thousand of the transaction price; price 100 thousand, closing price of 170 thousand;,,, a group of 3 names was 150 thousand, closing price of 300 thousand; was 100 thousand, 100 thousand of the transaction price.

the domain name of the transaction for the English.Com and has a certain significance of the domain name. Like, Andy Lau.Com and celebrity names like,, and other auspicious words because some domain name, due to the high price auction, although some of the reserve price is not high but also No one shows any interest in. In addition, in addition to packaged in the form of a set of 3 domain name transactions Fujian.Com, several other auction Chinese domain are no bids. It seems that although IE7.0 has supported the Chinese domain name access, many companies have begun to strengthen the protection of Chinese domain names, but the Chinese domain name has not aroused the interest of the participating investors. Before the auction, the General Assembly on the investment domain name and other issues were discussed in depth.

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