Want to profit as long as the site to do three things

The operation and profitability of the

site is complex and complex, simple and simple.

reciprocating miscellaneous said, to consider the website construction, purchase, inventory, fraud, customer service, customer service service, delivery, delivery, personnel management, as well as the site itself promotion and so on.

there is a saying that reading has two directions, to read the book more thick, but also to read the book more thin. Most of the time, in the understanding of all aspects, a high degree of generalization can be more clearly understand the essence of things.

I think on the whole, the site to profit as long as three things. First, there are good products. Two, the flow. Three, the site can sell things.

good product

this is the foundation of everything. Although the site is generally not to sell things to meet with customers, but the site is not a liar, but also to good products and services based.

on the Internet to engage in a hammer sale also no good end, and may be more dangerous than in real life. With the development of Web 2 website, social network, the spread of negative news on the Internet is wide, the speed is quick, and the little things may destroy a website.

whether it is to sell products or services, first of all from their own hobbies and good start.

products can be a variety of sources, it is possible to design their own production, but also from other places wholesale. For example, Alibaba website, there are a lot of suppliers.

China has a lot of each other is a product of the world’s production base. Owners can see what their own local characteristics of the product, or even become the world’s production center products. First come, first served., can not only get the best price, you can find the most reliable suppliers.

products are likely to be an agreement with the supplier to get, for example, you are responsible for network sales, suppliers give you the best price.

products can also participate in the site alliance.

of course, this kind of way must have a premise, that is to ensure the quality of the product.

site traffic

this part of the webmaster is self-evident, but also to do SEO and the most familiar part of the network marketing. With the flow, there are potential users, there is the opportunity to sell.

gets more traffic on the site. Eighteen Wu Yi, proficient in the one or two, is often the best way. Commonly used network marketing practices, we can refer to the ten network marketing technology.

is also introduced in this book is to get the flow of website promotion skills.

can sell things site

is to improve the site conversion rate. This is the weakest part of many websites.

potential users come to your site, just to give you a chance. Your site must be able to act as a

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