Audio from the media to start the egg solution 3 million yuan Angel round of financing

recently, from the media audio solution enterprise announced 3 million yuan egg’s angel round of financing, investors including capital, capital and the canopy Huashu made in the future. October 2015, egg solution venture has been acquired by the AC accelerator and Su River investment 800 thousand yuan seed round investment.

egg solution is based on the Internet platform of audio from the media. Unlike the web text class business service platform, packaging solutions to "build entrepreneurship egg founder personal IP", a collection of audio, video, cartoon and offline training promotion, for start-up brands to attract early Angel users and exposure.

currently has three egg solution business perpendicular to the business ecosystem of the sub section. Are each an entrepreneur experience sharing "egg" solution about entrepreneurs entrepreneurship; daily life on the kind of talk show "eggs" said it; the first national audio file recruitment program in vain "eggs". In addition, the egg also started a joint venture to do a book and lychee egg solution entrepreneurs – expert moments audio program. With the only recording studio and audio production center in Zhongguancun Venture Street, there are hundreds of company founders have come to egg business record.

egg interviews and other business solutions show a slightly different, traditional entrepreneurship programs will focus on the entrepreneurs "to" focus on the solution of egg packaging, ‘down’ mining, let those entrepreneurs who share their achievements have been slightly bitter story, the experience of failure, and humor the way to speak out, and then analyze some experience and lessons from it.

egg solution founder Geng Wei entrepreneurship since 2008 started a business company specializes in providing customized gifts, gifts and custom print customized services for enterprises, customer service for the majority of the world’s top 500 enterprises, such as Nestle China, China Coal Group etc.. The company’s annual sales exceeded 10 million, the number of employees more than 20. In 2014, the transformation of the Internet media, more than a year to do business class podcast first, to become entrepreneurs as the anchor.

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