Bitcoin was declared dead 89 times but it is more and more powerful

Abstract: bitcoin has been declared dead 89 times, was the cause of death is technical factors, government control, celebrity mouthing, media mouthing…… in fact bitcoin has never been so to decline, but the development of more and more powerful, and this one is no exception, any attempt to control bitcoin the plot can only be defeated.


Beijing time on January 15th, New York City, the Fed has organized a theme of "beyond bitcoin" conference, the conference participants have half of the Fed, the other half is the representative of big banks and big banks support block chain R3CEV company representative. At the meeting, representatives of the R3CEV statement: R3CEV Mike is the developer of the original bitcoin protocol developer, he said bitcoin as an experiment, has failed."

remarks in the "New York Times" to "core bitcoin developer Mike announced bitcoin failure" for a title push reports, resulting in a greater public opinion, has been interpreted as a bad news bitcoin, resulting in bitcoin prices fell from 2850 yuan to 2350 yuan.

this is not the truth, however, is not the whole of the facts, as bitcoin industry veteran entrepreneurs and observers, we will tell you the real insider and bitcoin community collaboration principles. In this argument, the surface is bitcoin and bitcoin radical conservative argument is actually the traditional financial institutions especially compared to big banks led by currency attacks, and the bitcoin community for their own interests to defend! This is not a conspiracy, is real in the interests of both sides, on the table the wrestling


a, Mike is not bitcoin core developers, but the interests of the bank spokesman

first clarify the identity of Mike, the core developers not bitcoin protocol, according to the address that bitcoin core developers a total of six people, but does not include Mike.


programmer Mike wrote a bitcoinj Java library is a bitcoin third party tool library developers, not bitcoin protocol developers, its inclusion in the bitcoin six years, only submitted 3 bug bitcoin code in bitcoin developer queue ninety-eighth.

we can use Mike to compare the three claims of bitcoin, to identify what role it plays in the bitcoin community:

first, he used to bitcoin Foundation recommends that the development of bitcoin transaction rollback function, which is bitcoin is issued, there is a frozen period, the RMB can withdraw bitcoin in the frozen period, this completely deprived of the irreversible nature of bitcoin, reducing.

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