Video site Hulu success and failure to the Chinese video website can bring what reference


Hulu and Youtube are two sides of online video business, they not only started the tide of Internet streaming media, but also the leading position, to China video website pointed out two different roads.

compared the reputation of Youtube, Hulu in China exposure is not high, after all, UGC is easier to focus on the spread in manufacturing, the bandwidth is still in its infancy period, people are easy to accept but obscure interesting short video content. But Youtube has not been able to establish a successful profit model, and its survival, completely rely on Google in 2006 to $1 billion 650 million to buy it, then Google become a pawn in a strategic deployment. It is also in order to fight against network video for the traditional film industry of erosion, the user’s attention from the funny cat back to the producers to spend huge sums of money taken out of the film and television body, NBC global group and News Group Investment Funded by Hulu in 2007, and pull to the Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos’s right-hand man Jason Gillard as CEO?.

little is known about the domain name meaning, actually comes from Chinese in the "gourd", in China fairy tale, "gourd" usually contains many treasures and surprises, so this is also so for the Hulu positioning.

because most of the mainstream film company backed by the United States, Hulu is able to provide genuine TV drama Everfount online play, this is the only North American core competitive advantage, it is also so, although traffic is still less than Hulu in Youtube, but its commercial value completely overshadowed the limelight, known as Youtube Youtube four billion online video, but because most of the time is too short and the meaning is not obvious (not matching the advertising content), but only 3% can be embedded advertising, while Hulu only hundreds of millions of video content, but more than 80% of them can be placed patches and other forms of advertising in the rate of return to investors satisfied.

The students

China market, almost all in the Youtube mode started, will trigger a "murder" of the UGC Steamed Buns short video as a means to attract users, and in the capital after the intervention, in order to solve the problem of profit, and started to have the injection mode of Hulu gene for themselves, a typical example is Youku and potatoes, a few years ago China video industry in the copyright wars, they have to participate in the figure, pay attention to Youku movies, and Time Warner, Disney, twentieth Century Fawkes global film industry giants have signed a copyright agreement, but the potato in the TV series and animation market leading position.

because China’s video site does not like Hulu itself has a holding or investment in the film and television company, so still need to support the copyright >

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