Public comment will finance 50 million to buy revenue has accounted for 40%

February 25th news, according to Tencent technology exclusively learned that the first half of this year, the public comment will start a new round of financing, it is estimated that the amount will be more than 50 million u.s..

addition, with the force of public comment in the field of buy and mobile Internet, the two or three line of the city will be the main battlefield of this year’s business development.

annual income of $30 million: refinancing enclosure

"in 2010, our website overall traffic doubled, annual income of nearly $30 million." Long Wei, vice president of public comment on Tencent science and technology, said: in fact, from the beginning of October 2008, the site has been profitable in recent years, growth of more than 100%."

Long Wei said that this year, the public comment network will invest 2-3 billion, for marketing, and the two or three tier cities will be the focus of the company’s business development.

for this before the public comment this year will once again financing issue, Long Wei said: "indeed in financing, first half of the year will be announced, the scale will exceed the amount of financing of any domestic group purchase website."

so far, the field of domestic buy site, the highest amount of financing is undoubtedly the handle network in the last year to get $50 million. As a result, a new round of public comment on the amount of financing will exceed this size.

it is understood that, after this, the public comment on Sequoia Capital and other international venture capital investment fund, if the new round of financing success, which will provide a strong backing for its expansion of business.

now, the public comment buy business in Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 tier cities, this year will rapidly expand to the country’s twenty or thirty cities." Dragon so stressed.

from buy to Foursquare mode: accelerate the layout of the industrial chain

last June, the public comment network with the help of the existing line of business resources and online platform to launch a group buying business, covering restaurants, beauty salons, leisure and entertainment and other consumer areas.

Long Wei said that at present, the public comment buy business income has accounted for the company’s overall revenue of 30-40%, this proportion will rise again this year.

"but, because of fierce competition, many domestic group purchase website pure profit of only a few percent, some even lose money to occupy the market." In Long Wei seems, it is difficult to get a big break to buy a simple, small businesses can provide a complete marketing plan is the future trend of market development.

Long Wei said that for many businesses, they really need the service is divided into three stages:

one of the newly opened shops, the need for rapid accumulation of visibility, no profit buy just can meet their needs. This is equivalent to the cost of promotion directly to the user, in exchange for the rapid expansion of the brand, but this can only be implemented in the short term, because less profit, businesses can not always buy." < /;

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