ZTE enabled myzte hk to promote overseas markets 59 yuan to register HK domain name

Hongkong is the Asian and global financial center, is an important hub for China and the world economy, is known as the "Oriental Pearl". The HK domain name as Hongkong’s exclusive international top-level domain, which represents the international image and status of Hongkong, almost become the domestic enterprises to explore overseas markets will choose the domain name.

it is reported that ZTE to promote the expansion of the market in Hongkong and overseas, shortly before its first official overseas electricity supplier platform formally launched, the site is enabled by the Hongkong domain name myzte.hk.

I learned from the linkage of the world’s official website www.72e.net, the linkage of the world HK domain name registration in June after the price of 97 yuan to $78, and now the price to the whole network to the low price of $59 to vigorously promote the HK domain name. In the Internet era, in order to enable greater international market development, the establishment of an online international image is very necessary, the enterprise website HK domain name can not only help enterprises enhance brand image, but also can fully reflect the Hong Kong intimacy, market development opportunities and development to strive for further improvement.

in the integration of international enterprises to reduce the cost threshold, the linkage of the world but also to the domain name platform optimized adjustment and upgrade, cancel the complicated domain transfer procedures, the user can freely modify the domain name information of all people, no longer need to provide relevant audit materials; improved domain template function, purchase, transfer, etc. can be transferred to online operation, online transfer, transfer, greatly enhance the user experience of the use of register.

also launched a series of domain name promotions at the same time, to help users better and lower costs to protect their own (business / personal) brand:


according to the linkage of the world revealed that this year will be added to the batch operation and domain name PUSH feature, allowing users to more convenient to display or buy (sell) domain name, and constantly improve the user experience.

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